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Despite Brexit, Danes want to stay in EU

August 13, 2016


Denmark is not going to leave the European Union. A majority of Danes, 54 percent, wants to remain in the European Union, while 30 percent would like to follow England out of the European Union. This is the conclusion of a poll by YouGov, published in the Danish newspaper Metroxpress on June 24, 2016. However, Denmark is not pushing for more integration in Europe.

Likewise, another poll from Megafon said 55 percent of Danes do not want another referendum about EU. Their primary focus was on how to change the EU within, not whether Denmark should leave.

Denmark followed Great Britain into the European Union in 1972 and has time and time again voted no to extensions of EU power. Denmark said no to Maastricht in 1992, no to euro in 2000 and latest no to further EU involvement in the area of police and justice in Dec. 2015.

However, it seems like the Danish politians have learned from English Prime Mininster David Cameroun’s mistake. Neither the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen nor Mette Frederiksen, who is the leader of the largest opposition party, the Social Democratic Party, want to have a Danish referendum about whether or not Denmark should stay in the European Union. Even the biggest anti-EU Party in Denmark, the Danish People’s Party, is not rushing for a date on a Danish exit from the EU.

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