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The opening of The Huxley brings exclusivity to a diverse night life area

January 8, 2013

opening night_huxley

The official opening of the Huxley, a new night club at Dupont Circle, on Nov.15.   Photo: Annette Birch

by Annette Birch

The Huxley, a new night club Las Vegas style at Dupont Circle, opened Thursday night Nov. 15. Even a block away, it’s obvious that the Huxley is a different kind of club. The new Dupont Circle night club aims for a Las Vegas-style of exclusivity and the front door had a quiet ambiance to it which contrasted with the usual line of chatting clubgoers down the street.

The private opening was attended by 280 guests, including Vincent Gray, mayor of Washington, D.C., who did the ribbon cutting, and other people in entertainment, politics and media. Eric Lund, one of the owners of the Huxley, said the club aims for a high level of customer service.

“For example a presentation of a bottle of expensive champagne becomes an event, not just a presentation,” he said.

New combination of high style night club and event place at Dupont Circle

The night club opened for the public on Friday and will in future only be a night club on Fridays and Saturdays, while on Sundays to Thursday it hosts private events such as charity balls and private parties.

The idea of starting a combined night club and event place himself is not new to Lund, who has been producing night life events for years.

“I always wanted to have my own space and have been looking for the right location and space for it in several years. Dupont Circle is one of the best locations in the city and this place has high ceilings and venues on the ground floor which otherwise is difficult to find here,” he said.

Earlier, the night club stated that admission on opening night would be restricted to a guest list, an unusual event in Washington, D.C.’ nightlife. After a number of people complained in Internet forums, the owners announced anyone could come by reserving a table in advance or if they arrived in black-tie formal wear.

The opening is in the center of a boiling night life

Huxley Night Club opens in Dupont Circle, an area that with its many restaurants, cafes, bars and lounges, is already known for its night life and upper scale clientele. Ravi Bayankar, who works at entertainment company Panorama Productions, said Washington’s nightlife is very diverse and upscale.

“You’ll find celebrity actors, musicians, athletes and politicians mixed in with college students, artists, lobbyists, business owners, finance people, etc.,” he said.

Bayankar said the area north of Dupont Circle is known for restaurants that are quaint and gay-friendly, while the area to the south, where the Huxley is, features more dance clubs and pop music.

Usman Jack Asif from Night Life Agency, an agency which arranges events at night clubs, agrees.

“The clientele is mostly upper scale. For example at Current, you can purchase VIP tables for $ 300 a table or just pay at the door.” The clubs has a capacity for up to 600 people, some up to 3,000. The night club Current allows both guests to reserve spaces in advance on a guest list and pay at the door.

On contrast, The Huxley is much smaller, requires stricter dress code and aims for a more exclusive air.  However, Eric Lund thinks that Dupont Circle is ready for a night club Las Vegas style like Huxley Night Club.

“I have been doing events for 12 years here and have been doing 250 events here. I know what Washington is like and I think it is ready for this.”


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